Biodiversity data search – guidance for ecological consultants

The ‘Biodiversity data search – guidance for ecological consultants‘ is a new document from the Partnership for Biodiversity in Planning.¬†It provides guidance on conducting, interpreting and reporting on desk study biodiversity data searches (BDS), in relation to proposed developments on land (developments in the marine environment are excluded). The guidance aims to improve the way that biodiversity data is collected and interpreted by ecological consultants to inform planning decisions.

The main audience for the guide is professional ecologists who carry out ecological surveys and write reports to be submitted with planning applications. However, the guidance will also be useful to others, including: developers commissioning this work; planners, ecologists and policy makers working for local authorities; licensing authorities; non-governmental organisations (NGOs) who are responsible for reviewing and assessing the implications of professional ecological surveys; and to other professionals who need to take account of ecological information.

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