Partnership for Biodiversity in Planning recognised by Red Tape Initiative


The cross-party Red Tape Initiative (RTI) has released a report outlining key recommendations to the UK Government seeking better regulation in a Post-Brexit Britain. The recommendations are based on consultations with business, trade unions, NGOs, and other advisors. The report recognises the important role of the Partnership for Biodiversity in Planning in helping to “improve the consideration of biodiversity in planning” (para 2.C).

The RTI report recognises the value of existing laws for wildlife (including the Habitats Directives) and that better enforcement of those laws is needed (Wildlife Link, Nov 2018). It calls for the creation of a Memorandum of Understanding between representatives from the conservation and development sectors with DEFRA and the Ministry for Communities and Local Government to improve the development process in relation to wildlife regulations.

Carol Williams, Director of Conservation at the Bat Conservation Trust (BCT) who manage the partnership project, welcomed the report and said:

We are pleased the RTI report has taken on board our comments and recognised that DEFRA and MCLG needs to work in partnership with us and a range of stakeholders to ensure biodiversity is properly reflected in planning and development processes for the benefit of wildlife and for business.

The Partnership for Biodiversity in Planning, involving 18 organisations from conservation, planning and development sectors, has recently updated its website and produced a free pre-planning tool – the Wildlife Assessment Check – aimed at householders and small to medium developers to help improve their consideration of biodiversity early in a building project.

The RTI report contains a total of 37 recommendations across a range of sectors, from housing to tourism. The RTI Director General, Nick Tyrone indicated:

These recommendations have gained cross-party support via our advisory panel, and the RTI hopes that these will be seriously considered by HMG.


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